1 x 600g whole Bream
1 piece root ginger (25g approx)
2 whole bullet chillies
10g lemongrass
5 Kafir lime leaves
2 small limes
50ml white wine (I used a dry white)
50ml light soy sauce
Baby spinach and broccolini
Sea salt
Aluminium foil
Silicone paper (Glad Bake)


1. Scale and clean Bream removing gills 
2. Preheat oven to 220 degrees 
3. Score 3-4 marks through the flesh along fish 
4. Slice lime leaves, de-seed chillies and dice, slice lemongrass into small rounds
5. Slice ginger in matchsticks mix together with lemongrass, lime leaves and chilli
6. Use half the mix to stuff bream and slice wedges of lime to fill cavity
7. Season with sea salt
8. Place a sheet of foil on bench, place a piece of silicone paper on top of the foil. (Glad Bake)
9. Top fish with the rest of the mix and top with half - moon slices of lime layering over top of the fish
10. Zest the other lime and sprinkle on top of the fish and add some sea salt
11. Wrap the fish and leaving one end open to add the white wine then pace in a baking dish
12. Place baking dish with fish in oven for 25-30 minutes. Open one end being careful about the steam
13. Check the fish and if cooked place it on a plate


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