8 x medium-sized John Dory fillets
125g plain flour
1 egg, beaten with 250ml milk to make an egg wash
175g fresh breadcrumbs
Vegetable oil, for deep frying
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Lemon wedges


1. Set up a crumbing station for the John Dory fillets using three bowls
2. One containing flour, one for egg wash, and one for breadcrumbs
3. Place a large plate next to the last bowl
4. Coat first fish fillet in flour shake off the excess. Dip in the egg wash
5. Place in breadcrumbs coat all over, shake off excess place fillet on a plate
6. Repeat with the rest of the fish, and set aside
7. Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan large enough to take about three or four fillets
8. Temperature must be maintained at 180C during the entire cooking process
9. Don't be tempted to overcrowd the pan
10. Cook first batch of fillets until golden brown
11. Remove place on a plate lined with paper towels to soak up the excess oil
12. Repeat until all fillets are cooked


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What does 'sustainable seafood' mean? Put simply, 'sustainable seafood' is fish or shellfish that reaches our plates with minimal impact upon fish populations or the wider marine environment. It's about how fishing affects the healthy and natural functioning of marine ecosystems.


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